The Panache of Simultaneous Strategy

No turn-based gameplay!

Players’ movements are revealed, and everyone plays simultaneously. Beware of what your opponents will decide!

Sail through a changing archipelago teeming with cannibals, corrupt outposts, and voodoo mysteries… to unearth the hidden treasure of Armand the Smooth-Talker.

But first… choose your crew:

“Buccaneers, Armand the Smooth-Talker’s Loot”

On the seas during the year 2023, Buccaneers continues to sail in 2024 with a selection in the “Strategy” category at Ludinord.

Play Buccaneers on Tabletop Simulator : Buccaneers, the video-game


Set sail on the seas in search of Armand the Smooth-Talker’s treasure to unearth it before others or accumulate 25 gold coins. Maneuver your ship carefully, gather clues leading to the treasure, and prepare for battle!


Armand the Smooth-Talker, a regular at the Chatty Parrot tavern, loves to recount his adventures, except those that could lead to the treasure.

The anecdotes drawn from Armand unfold in the landscapes of certain islands. Can you decipher them and deduce where his treasure is buried?



styled-image The different islands are placed according to a new arrangement for each game.

When a player is stationed on an island, they can take one of the corresponding actions:

• Pickle Island: Recruit a buccaneer for 1 coin.

• Jules’ Dry Dock: Repair your ship OR upgrade one of its three characteristics for 1 coin.

• Red Bastion: Repair your ship OR obtain 2 letters of marque.

• Voodoo Master: Draw a clue card and keep it in your hand.

• Chatty Parrot Tavern: Look at 2 clue cards and place them under the deck.

• Deserted Island: Protect your loot. Allows you to protect coins, goods, letters of marque, and fragments of the treasure map you possess at that time for a future shipwreck.

• Port of Delights: Receive a rum merchandise OR exchange as many sugarcane and gunpowder merchandise as desired for 2 coins each.

• Plantation: Receive a sugarcane merchandise OR exchange as many rum and gunpowder merchandise as desired for 2 coins each.

• Sulfur Mine: Receive a gunpowder merchandise OR exchange as many rum and sugarcane merchandise as desired for 2 coins each.

• Cannibals: Sacrifice a buccaneer to gain a fragment of the treasure map.


styled-image A game rich in accessories

19 tiles. 12 original ship figurines and 2 original East India Company ship figurines. 9 clue cards. 10 Ship sheets. 29 Buccaneers cards and 6 Freedmen cards. 20 coins of 1 and 20 coins of 5. Sugarcane, gunpowder, and rum tokens, upgrades, damages, and letters of marque. 5 movement discs.

styled-image 10 Ship sheets with technical and historical descriptions on the back


The ships have three attributes: sails (maximum movement distance), cannons (the points of hull damage inflicted on the enemy with each shot), hull (the number of hit points against cannons), and crew (maximum number of buccaneers embarked).

Sloop, Xebec, Ketch, Caravel, Schooner, Corvette, Lugger, Frigate, Galleon, Junk. 12 models have been prepared to play with maximum immersion, discover them in this article.


Buccaneers to Recruit

  • Harpooner: ACTION, next turn, must engage in boarding with one or more ships at a player’s chosen point within 1 distance, unless another ship is already in contact.
  • Fetishist: Exclusively recruited at the Voodoo Master and allows, once embarked, to recruit buccaneers on this island (before the player docked at Pickle Island) and even from the deck.
  • The Dud: Can be recruited when choosing a new ship, instead of the 2 letters of marque.
  • Demolition Expert: Reduces searching by 3 turns but sinks the ship if the treasure is not found.
  • Artificer: ACTION (shooting phase), increases cannon range by 1 in one direction.
  • Privateer: East India Companies suffer no boarding losses or cannon damage to the ship.
  • Commander: ACTION, moves the ship 1 distance in the desired direction at the end of the turn, for 1 coin.

styled-image Boucaniers Ă  Jeux et Cie 2023

  • Rooster: Worth 2 fragments of the treasure map when sacrificed to the cannibals.
  • Topman: ACTION (navigation phase), increases sails by 1 this turn.
  • Mutineer: Inspects another player’s navigation compass before calibrating his own when his ship’s hull is at 1 or 2.
  • Hermit: ACTION, protects loot, as one would on the Deserted Island.
  • Dog: Worth nothing in boarding. Reduces searching time by 2 turns.
  • Survivor: Joins the crew of the new ship after a shipwreck.
  • Shipwright: ACTION, repairs 3 hull points for 1 coin.
  • Tattooed Man: Reduces searching time by 1 turn.
  • Madman: Worth 3 buccaneers in boarding, then commits suicide.
  • The Brute: Worth 2 buccaneers during boarding.
  • Corruptor: ACTION, receives 1 letter of marque.
  • Monkey: Does not take crew slots.
  • Stowaway: Free to recruit.
  • Drunkard: Receives 1 rum when the ship moves only 1 distance.
  • Boatswain: ACTION (navigation phase), increases sails by 4 for 1 coin this turn.
  • Master Gunner: ACTION (shooting phase), increases cannon damage by 1 this turn.
  • Boatman: ACTION, for 1 coin, boards one or more ships at a point aligned at a distance of 1 or 2 from the player’s choice next turn, if there is no boarding in contact already.
  • Tormentor: Steals clues during boarding and retrieves fragments from enemy buccaneers killed.
  • Helmsman: ACTION, for 1 coin, allows choosing the ship’s movement after other players next turn (thus after the Mutineer).
  • Old Sea Dog: Triples the effects of captain’s actions (1 gunpowder for 3 Freedmen, 1 sugarcane for 3 hull points, and 1 rum for 3 sails).

Photos par Klaudia Kaczmarczyk